3 Qualities of a Champion

3 Qualities of a Champion

What does NBA Golden State Warriors 2015 Champs, Chicago Bulls of the 90’s and Joshua plus Caleb of the Bible have in common? They’re all champions. They all went through a lot of challenges and trials before they achieved the goal that they wanted. They went through tough oppositions but in the end they succeeded and won. I believe none of us wants to be a loser but we want to win the battles that we take every season of our lives. We want to win in all aspects of our lives – family, finances, relationship, academics and even in our spiritual lives.

Paul mentioned in his letter, Romans 8, that we are more than conquerors through Christ who loved us. What are the makings of a winner, a champion or a conqueror?

  1. They all have a clear picture of the goal. For an NBA team, its the championship trophy and for Joshua and Caleb, the Promise Land. The clarity of your goal will determine the amount of strength, discipline and willpower that you will exude as you journey through life.
  2. They have resilience. Resilience is the ability to respond right and bounce back from discouraging and tragic moments. For Caleb and Joshua, though they were faced with rejection and stoning because the people were not convince they can claim the promise land, yet they responded with faith and stood up for what they believe what God promised them.
  3. They went through it as a team. I think the saddest idea in the world is that you can win this life alone. It may be possible, but it’s not complete. Life in its fullness requires people involved in your life. You need some who can encourage you and help you when all odds are against you. Steph Curry has Iggy and Draymond and the whole team. Michael Jordan has Pippen, Joshua and Caleb are fighting together. That’s why they win and claim the goal that they envisioned.

Which of the three do you think you need to have or improve to experience a life of a champion?


Thank You Notes – A post thanksgiving blog


It’s my first time to celebrate Thanksgiving in US. It’s filled with families sharing food and fun together. A joyful moment like Christmas, with a twist of having the Turkey as the main course of the night and many messages of gratefulness to people. I got my own list of my thank you notes this Thanksgiving and I decided to blog about it; these are really pointed to my Lord and Savior who gave me every good gifts that allowed me to do His purpose.

Thank you for my family in Manila. My ate Beth, my kuya Manny, ate Tata, Khalid, KC and specially my Mama, who did everything for us for our well being. Thanks Ma!

Thank you for my family here in Chicago, Daddy and Mommy (in- laws). Their generosity allows us to answer God’s call to serve here in US.

Thank you for the spiritual family we have. Victory Malate for leading me to a growing relationship with Jesus. Pastor Nixon, Pastor Jon, Pastor Jonathan and many more pastors invested alot in me. Thank you for believing in me.

Thank you for my friends who encourages me, who prays for me, corrects me and cheers me up in times of discouragement. Thanks Abe and Mike and the gang for standing with me.

Thank you for all the ministry partners who stayed with us and believed in us which enabled us to do ministry and go further to where God is leading us. Thank you for your joyful sacrifice.

Thank you for my loving wife Char. For your relentless love and joy that you share in the family. How could I live happy without you?

Thank you for my son Judah who gives smile in our face everyday. Also our upcoming son, whom we are excited to see this February 2015, we know God has instored lots of great things for you.

Thank you Jesus for saving me. While I was still a sinner you died for me. You see my heart and mind yet You love me the same. No words can express my gratitude to my Lord and Savior.

What about you? What are you grateful for this season?

Happy Thanksgiving!

10 Books that Influenced My Life.


I’m writing this blog as a response to the challenge that was tagged to me by my friend Perci in Facebook. I’ll be writing 10 books that made a big influence on how I lead, how I love my wife and parent my child.

Bible. It will really top the charts. But I am not including it because the Bible for me is not just a book but a collection of manuscripts from different eras and combined altogether to tell one message of God’s heart for us and how He saved us from sin. It’s really way better than a book, so I will not include it in the category of books.

So here are the top 10 books that helped me as a leader, a husband and now a dad.

10. Power of Habit – Charles Duhigg

This helped me build the right habits (keystone habits) that can really affect the productivity in my work and even fruitfulness of my relationship. This is a mind changer.

9. The One Thing – Gary Keller

This book caused me to think about that one thing that I need to focus on in every season of my life. Life is not the same when a season enters, so “what is that one thing that will bring progress and change in me.”

8. Think – John Piper

I read this 4 years ago. I really admire how Pastor John wrote that you can love the Lord with all your mind and worship God with all your thoughts. I realized thinking deep stuff about Him is one of my pathways in worshiping God.

7.  Developing Leaders Around You – John Maxwell

I started reading this when I became a youth pastor. Realizing that the work of the ministry shouldn’t be carried by one but by many people. This book helped me inspire and plan for people I want to develop for leadership. One lesson I got from the book: “You gotta have a plan!”

6. Relationship Principles of Jesus. – Tom Holladay

This book affected the way I treat my wife, my son, my workmates and of course how I love God. Tom Holladay wrote this book like how Rick Warren wrote Purpose Driven Life. It’s easy to read and its lessons are really practical. It will really check your heart.

5. Deep and Wide – Andy Stanley

Andy Stanley wrote how their church reaches to the unchurched people. It’s a good resource book for a church that reaches to a generation that is hostile or indifferent to church. Unchurched people may like Jesus but the problem lies on His followers. The book added another perspective for me as a missionary on how to be deep in Jesus yet widely open to engage lost people.

4. 100 Years from Now – Steve Murrell

As a growing church, there are things that we should not let go. This book is a classic to me because it says everything how we as Every Nation Ministries should be, should do and what should we pass on.

3.  Cries of the Heart – Ravi Zacarias

Whenever I read Ravi’s books, I really have to read slowly to chew what he is saying. Talking about suffering and how God intervenes in a person’s heart, this is really a good book to read and study.

2. Four Pillars of a Man’s Heart – Stu Weber

I read this when my leader in my college days, Pastor Jon Naron recommended me this book. It’s about manhood at its very core. Stu Weber uses the image of a King, a Warrior, a Mentor and a Friend and how these metaphors should be applied as a         man. This is one of the books I finished when I was being discipled.

1. I Kissed Dating Good bye – Joshua Harris

This helped me a lot in how I see boy-girl relationships. I read it 3 times because it really crushed a lot of my previous mindsets about relationships. Today as husband and a father, I reaped a lot from the lessons I found in that book.


There you have it! The top 10 books that influenced me. I don’t know who to tag but I hope it can spark a thought in you, what books you read that developed you. What are your top 10 books?

How to Restart Good Habits

Press to Restart.
Press to Restart.

It has been a year and one day since the last blog I made. I should say, the change of my season of becoming a dad was really amazing but really energy draining and one good habit I lost was writing a blog. Now the problem begins, “how can I start all over again?”

All of us miss or fail in the consistency of doing good things specially productive habits that’s gives us good results. Whether exercise, eating healthy food, reading good books or writing a blog, we have a tendency of losing it and revert to our old habits.
As a leader, restarting all over again is a difficult thing to do. You think about all the excuses why you “can’t” do it or feel guilty that you are just trying to save you face. But whatever beneficial habit you have missed for a long time, I believe it deserves a restart. However difficult it may be, the benefit outweighs the sacrifices.
I know restarting begins in the mind. So let me share these three thoughts with regards to restarting a good habit.
“Remember the why” – I believe going back to the purpose why you have done it can rekindle the passion and activate action. Without the purpose it will be difficult to come back because there is no reason to go back to it. One reason why I am coming back to writing is because I want to make an impact to the next generation through the lessons I have learned this season of my life.
“Remember the impact it has done” – I believe remembering the results of re-doing those good ha bits can inspire a person to start all over. There might be good habits then that didn’t produce as much beneficial results that you expected but, it’s also a great reason to restart because the impact might be more rewarding the second time around.
“Do it” – need to say more? Application requires a lot of courage and strength. But once you get started it can create momentum that will give you a boost to restart those good habits.
What other ways can make a person restart good habits that we’re lost for a long time?


What’s happening again?

I’m back after a long time of procrastination and many shifts of priorities. A lot has changed since my last post. I’ll be a dad soon! This October I’ll be a dad of a bouncing baby boy! Right now, as I write this blog, I’m in Chicago raising my ministry partnership to get me back to where I am called to do.

There are lots of changes in life that can bring uncertainties. Uncertain, meaning you are not sure what will happen next. Sometimes it brings fear or excitement or anxiety but as I observe life, uncertainties are inevitable. The only way to go about it is to learn how to navigate through it. I don’t have the monopoly of how to navigate thru uncertainties in life but so far, here are some things I want to share how to navigate through it.

1. Be secure of your calling — This has to be intact as a person, as a man or a woman, whether you are working in a church or not. The calling of a person needs to be secured by faith. Know what God has called you “to be” and not just “to do” is one of the keys to be secured about your calling.

2. Ask for wisdom from people who has gone ahead of you — For me, it will save you a lot of heartaches and pit stops. Knowing what “can” happen thru the experiences of “mature” people will give you a slight picture of what is ahead, although it’s not conclusive, its helpful enough for you to move forward.

3. Deepen your Relationship with God — As a follower of Christ, this is my hinge in life whether things go bad or good. The good thing about uncertainties is that it strengthens your faith that God holds your future and regardless if it goes bad or great you know you are in good hands of a loving Father who will never leave you or forsake you. In my life, I experience the growth in my relationship with God as I read the Bible — the source that we have in knowing Him.

Uncertainties in life are inevitable but are not impossible to go through it. Hope this helps for you to have hope and strength to move forward despite uncertainty.

What other navigation you can do when you experience uncertainties in life?

Benefits of an Empty Plate


Its fasting season now for us. This year, it’s a 5 day prayer and fasting. Fasting is setting aside food (and things I really enjoy) for devotion to God.

It’s a difficult spiritual discipline. I somehow dread the coming of this week every year. But looking back, fasting really made a big change in my life. I believe as a leader this should be a necessity to move further in your leadership and even in your personal life. I got three reasons why I do fasting even if my head aches.

1. I become more sensitive in what God wants rather than what I want.

2. It humbles me and makes me realize that I really need God in all aspects of my life.

3.It boosts my faith as I pray and read through the Bible what God wants for his people.

I said three…but let me add one.

4. It allows me to know God more in a very deep and intimate way as I pray and fast.

As I always say to the people who also fast this time. Happy Fasting! Enjoy knowing God in a very deep and intimate way!

How to Overcome Dead Ends

How to Overcome Dead Ends
Every dead end precedes a breakthrough.

There will be moments in our lives as a leader or even as plain individuals that we will experience dead ends. It’s a feeling of being stuck in a portion of your life and you don’t know where to go. It’s a situation that you’re not progressing in life. It’s like you’re in the middle of the sea and there is no wind to push you somewhere. Whatever that can mean to your life, its not a good position to be in.

As I write this blog, I’m actually having that feeling that I’m at a dead end. One reason is because I have a fever and colds and I can’t work. For any leader dead ends are not a good place to be, but I believe right response is the key to get out of this situation and sky rocket yourself to another breakthrough. These are the things that I believe we need to have to overcome dead ends.

1. See that dead ends are not final but a pit stop – Pit stops in race is not a final destination its a stop to recalibrate the wheels and gas up to propel the racer to run another lap. That’s a perspective we need to have whenever we approach a dead end. Its not final, its an opportunity to go a another round of bouts and victories.

2. Look beyond the dead end – Every dead end precedes a breakthrough. Do not dwell in the past mistakes and defeats, these things are good to look at for the moment for evaluation and wisdom but don’t settle in it. Instead, look beyond it and ask ourselves, “what is God teaching me in this situation?” I believe wisdom will come from God and will allow you to see the breakthrough.

3. Dead Ends are opportunity to know God more – In my life as a follower of Jesus, there are a lot of stops and dead ends that seems to be forever but one thing that God allowed me to know is that in these times, God wants us to slow down, listen to him more and be still. As a leader our temptation is to always execute things and be on the go. We usually miss the part where we need to stop and listen to God and know His will. Sometimes God uses these times to reveal Himself more to us. Take this opportunity to know God when dead end happens.

What are your “dead end” moments as a leader? How did you overcome it?