3 Qualities of a Champion

3 Qualities of a Champion

What does NBA Golden State Warriors 2015 Champs, Chicago Bulls of the 90’s and Joshua plus Caleb of the Bible have in common? They’re all champions. They all went through a lot of challenges and trials before they achieved the goal that they wanted. They went through tough oppositions but in the end they succeeded and won. I believe none of us wants to be a loser but we want to win the battles that we take every season of our lives. We want to win in all aspects of our lives – family, finances, relationship, academics and even in our spiritual lives.

Paul mentioned in his letter, Romans 8, that we are more than conquerors through Christ who loved us. What are the makings of a winner, a champion or a conqueror?

  1. They all have a clear picture of the goal. For an NBA team, its the championship trophy and for Joshua and Caleb, the Promise Land. The clarity of your goal will determine the amount of strength, discipline and willpower that you will exude as you journey through life.
  2. They have resilience. Resilience is the ability to respond right and bounce back from discouraging and tragic moments. For Caleb and Joshua, though they were faced with rejection and stoning because the people were not convince they can claim the promise land, yet they responded with faith and stood up for what they believe what God promised them.
  3. They went through it as a team. I think the saddest idea in the world is that you can win this life alone. It may be possible, but it’s not complete. Life in its fullness requires people involved in your life. You need some who can encourage you and help you when all odds are against you. Steph Curry has Iggy and Draymond and the whole team. Michael Jordan has Pippen, Joshua and Caleb are fighting together. That’s why they win and claim the goal that they envisioned.

Which of the three do you think you need to have or improve to experience a life of a champion?


How to Increase Your Influence

One of the marks of a leader is they have influence. Influence is the ability to draw someone to follow you. IInfluence is the ability to draw people believe character is enough for people to be drawn to a leader but charisma also plays a big part to make an impact to more people. There are a lot of resources about increasing your influence but here are some new learnings that I have about this topic.

1. Cultivate your Mind.

People appreciates a leader who has depth in some aspects of knowledge. Leaders who people like to  follow have proficiency in a particular knowledge.

2. Improve your Attitude.

People appreciates positive outlook in life, a smile or an appreciation. Leaders no matter how skilled they are find themselves at odds with people because of “faulty” attitudes. As a result, sometimes they lose the affection of their followers.

3. Live with Purpose

A clear goal or purpose is an attractive element for a leader. Everyone wants to see a clear direction and if they can be brought there. A purposeful life communicates security that followers would want for a leader.

4. Develop your Presentation

Image speaks a lot when it comes to leadership. This is not to negate the importance of character but image affects the response of people as they follow a leader. How you dress and how you carry yourself communicates a lot to your followers.

5. Strengthen your Communication

Of course, what is leadership without communication. Although not all great speakers are leaders, leaders should at least have a clear way of communicating his directives. Strengthening your communication might mean improving on the way you use the English language or actively listening to people and giving them remarkable feedbacks.

These are practical ways how to increase the number of people you want to influence in your life. As a leader for Jesus, you want people to have a clear direction of how they will take this journey of faith with Christ.

What are your ways of increasing influence in your life as a leader?