About Me
Hi there! I am Daniel Trinidad, the husband of Charlene Trinidad, the father of two kids Judah and Alonzo and a follower of Jesus. I am also a lead pastor at Victory Fort preaching at the 5PM service.
Why Read This Blog?
This blog seeks to inspire people to live their lives to the full, love others as Christ loves them and move forward from where they are to where God wants them to be.
All of my posts here are from my personal thoughts and may not necessarily represent fully what Victory stands for. You are free to comment on your thoughts as well but I also reserved the right to remove comments that are foul and demeaning.

3 thoughts on “About Me and this Blog

  1. Hi Daniel,
    i don’t know if you still remember our small bible study group 3rd year high school.. i’m really glad that you early on you knew what God has ask you to do.. God bless.. I’m following your blog..

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