Top 8 Wisdom I learned this 2018

2018 is about to close and great events for the year are now pictures and posts on social media. Thank God for the internet, we can pull them out whenever we want it. Looking back, there’s a lot of things to celebrate and also to improve. 2019 is an opportunity awaiting, but I also believe 2018 shouldn’t be put to waste by just celebrating it as it fades away. The lessons learned for the year should become wisdom that will help us for the coming year. People who invested in our lives are not just parts of our memories but God-given guidance that could help us grow next year.

Here are my 8 top learnings for the year 2018:

8. Learn to invest – Marvin Germo.

7. Get out of debt – Randell Tiongson.

6. People are more important than task – Paolo Punzalan.

5. Parenting is meant to be a display of the Gospel to your children every day – Joel and Jenny Magpantay.

4. Leadership is the distribution of influence and service – Ed Stetzer.

3. Spiritual gifts are meant to serve people not showcase self – Graham Cooke

2. My closeness with God is more important than the ministry – Jojo Henson.

1. Nearness is a gift. Closeness is a choice – Jim Laffoon.

What new learnings will you bring this 2019?

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