A lot of questions surround the certainty of hearing God’s voice. Some people find it mystical whenever they hear someone, “I believe God is telling me…” Some find it really difficult to understand how does it really happen. I heard some Christians telling that “when you hear it, you’ll be sure that it’s God.” Sadly, some Christians abuse that phrase and use it to manipulate people which lead other people to shun away from these things.

But how can we be certain that we hear God’s voice?

I believe even in this day and age, God desires to communicate to his people. He can use a lot of means of doing it, but I know God wants to communicate to us in a manner that we will understand and will build trust in him.
In my life, I have learned that hearing God’s voice is not a one time deal and then you get it right afterwards. It’s a journey of learning to hear and obey God’s voice (maybe audibly or thru circumstances). Hearing is one thing, obeying it sets you to get familiar with it.

I found 3 disciplines that can sharpen your faith to hear his voice and be certain that it’s God who is speaking to you.

Reading the Bible
God’s word gives us direction of God’s heart, His desires and will for our lives.

Obedience to his moral laws is a pathway to understanding and knowing his personal will for your life.

Getting wise and Godly counsel
This examines our motives, and gives balance in our perception of things. Our heart is deceitful. We need people to tell us if we are still aligned with what God has for us. We need people who will tell us the truth. This is one of the best ways God uses to sharpen our faith and test our humility.

May these 3 disciplines guide you on how you can be certain of God’s voice in your life.

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