It’s the season in the Philippines were we choose our leaders and people pick their sides. I’ve heard lots of information and comments about who to vote and who not to vote. But I am not that concern about who to choose in this coming election, I know we have our own opinion and choice of why we pick a leader for a government seat. I am more concern on how we as Filipinos are willing to divide ourselves from our close relationships for the sake of our choice of vote. I believe there is something fundamentally wrong with that attitude in this election.
We take it too personal what is only meant to be political.
Think about this:
  • Your political bet will not be with you in your deathbed.
  • Your political view should not be an excuse to demean and divide relationships.
  • Your relationships are more important than your political view.
Aside from how we pick our leaders, let’s be mindful of what is more important in the midst of a critical season of our country.

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