We usually have questions when we approach God. Our questions can come out of curiosity, or it can come out because we are in pain or we are experiencing challenges and we are looking for explanation why things are happening. God listens to our cries and questions. He is willing to comfort us in our pain.

But what if the scenario is reversed and Jesus had a few questions for us? As we are eager to hear answers from Him, God is also eager to hear the answer to His questions. I believe Jesus asks questions not because we lack information. I believe He asked these questions because the people He’s asking needs direction and change of heart.

I encourage everyone to read the whole chapter where I got the questions of Jesus. These questions were directed to specific people but I believe these still have significance for us today.

  1. Why did you doubt? (Matt 14:31)
  2. But who do you say that I am? (Matt 16:15)
  3. Why do you call me ‘Lord, Lord’ and not do what I command? (Luke 6:46)
  4. Do you love me? (John 21:16)
  5. Do you believe I can do this? (Matt 9:28)

Hope these questions challenge our hearts and grow our relationship with Jesus. Enjoy reading the Bible!


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