There is a saying that the mind is the playground of Satan. I believe it’s true that’s why Peter and Paul encouraged the followers of Jesus to be alert and to renew their minds. Everyday, our mind has the potential to be tricked by the enemy. If we are not aware of his schemes, we’ll be shocked how far we are away from God and lose our confidence in the grace and love of God.

So I listed the lies that I personally fought and am continually fighting by His Words. Usually these lies come when you’re weak, discouraged, disappointed or offended. I am hoping that by His grace this wisdom will help you be alert and be wiser than the schemes of the enemy. I categorized the lies into two: Condemnation and Compromise.


  1. God is mad at you. You might hear this when things are not going your way or a tragic event is happened to you. If you are in Christ, His wrath has been fully satisfied on the cross. The trials and challenges have turned from curse to refining of character. God wants to refine and prune you so that Christ will be revealed more in you.
  2. God is disappointed with you. Whenever you feel like God is not listening to you or answering your prayers, this lie might appear in your thought. His silence doesn’t mean he’s away or he’s ignoring you. I believe, God is working at the background of your situation and He’s preparing you for something great.
  3. God wants you to be “fixed” before you come to Him.  This lie can bring discouragement or pride in our hearts. Jesus’ heart always goes for those who are hurt and sick. He wants you to come as you are and let Him do his great work in your heart.


  1. Nobody will know. Lie will cover lie, but in reality somebody knows what really happened. You. This lie usually works in us because we are deceived into the idea that we can get away from it. But reality says otherwise. We are burdened and haunted by the things of the past and the only way to get healing from it is to expose it into the light.
  2. Nobody will get hurt. This lie is famous in the context of sexual sins, but I believe it can be used in other areas of life. The truth is sin hurts people. Sin hurts relationships and divides it.
  3. You deserve to be happy. Wait, that’s true. But it’s half truth. We can only be happy when our legitimate desires are filled legitimately. Happiness is fulfilled when we are fully devoted to the one who created us.


The list gives us wisdom on how to fight at least half of the battle. The half of it is fought by faith through His words which act like a sword against the enemy and our own desires.

Are there any lies you feel like you have been believing recently? How do you plan to overcome it?


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