5 Steps to Jump-Start Your Bible Reading

Bible and Coffee
Bible reading with a hot coffee at the side — perfect combination.
As a follower of Jesus, the Bible is really an essential part of my relationship with Him. I believe reading the Bible is not to gain the favor of God (as if we can on our own…) but for us to know Him more in all circumstances of our lives. But there are times when we skip reading it. For many of us, the reasons are really lousy. Let’s admit it. But for some, the reason of skipping are valid. Nevertheless, not reading the Bible will certainly kill our passion for His words and that is dangerous. I find it difficult to come back to my Bible reading after skipping one or two. For some of you, you are just starting to read the Bible but you find it too overwhelming to read. These are some of the problems (sometimes excuses) I face when I don’t “feel” like reading the Bible or would like to skip it.
  • I have no time.
  • I can’t understand it.
  • It’s boring.
  • I don’t know where to start.
  • Checking Facebook and other media first.
Maybe you experienced at least one of these problems. But I would like to share some wisdom I got from people I follow and through the years of reading it. Here are my 5 tips to jump-start your Bible reading.
  1. Pray. Need to say more? I believe left on our will we will not enjoy reading God’s inspired words. Prayer is a declaration of our dependence on God. Apart from His Spirit our minds and hearts will not be inspired to go to His words. I believe this should be first among the 5 I know. The rest will follow.
  2. Get a plan. Get a devotional book or plan from youversion.com. When I was in high school, I used My Daily Bread as my guide in reading the Bible. This helps me follow something. I think when there no plan of reading God’s word, our passion will dwindle along the way. Today, there are a lot of good reading plan found in the internet. It can even help you finish the whole Bible in a year!
  3. Go small portion. Momentum is the key. After a couple of missed, the hard part is to get back in the habit of reading. Just like exercise, it’s difficult to go back to the same intensity where you left. I believe the wise way to get back is to read small portions of the Scripture until you feel the momentum.
  4. Start reading when your mind is fresh. Usually in the morning or whenever you start your day. I believe there is something at stake when we don’t read and meditate it when we start our day. I believe our minds are in trouble if we put something else aside from God’s word. In effect, our faith is affected because faith comes from hearing God’s word (in this case you hear it in your mind as you read). Whatever we put first in our day will affect our heart and mind.
  5. Pick a place where you can read and concentrate. It can be a couch, or a place in your house where you have your own table. My personal favorite is our dining table, when no one is around with coffee on the side. That’s a great time for me to read and meditate God’s word.
Jesus quoted a verse that says “Man cannot live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of God” If we want to live and experience its fullness, His Word is essential and cannot be neglected. If we decide to skip reading it, let’s remember, there is at stake — our faith. Hope the 5 tips help us to jump-start or jump back in our love for His words.

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