MayPac lesson I learned from the fight.


May 2, 2015. The date almost everyone is looking forward to.  People have been waiting for this fight for about 5 years and finally it has happened. Although the turn out wasn’t really what most of the people were expecting. Some said it was a boring fight, some said it was a waste of time and money, some congratulated the winner but many cheered for the loser of the fight — Manny Pacquiao.

It amazed me when Floyd was declared a winner, the majority booed him and didn’t appreciate what he has done. But Manny got a lot of cheer from his fans not just from the stadium but all over the media and the world. My question then is why did they still cheered for Manny (in some social media site, they said Manny should have won) but booed Floyd? What is the back story?

I believe what Manny had resonated beyond the boxing ring. He is more than a boxer, he is a great fighter and a great man in many respects. He really made a difference not just in his career but beyond it. He overcame many difficult situations in life that inspired many people. And the biggest thing that turned him into an unstoppable force is when he knew his Savior, Jesus Christ.

Floyd on the other hand, as he has spoken in one of his videos fought for money, record and legacy which I observed as very “me” centered.

I think the universal principle here is the more unselfish and humble we are the greater impact we’ll create. The opposite is also true, when we are self-centered and prideful, the little impact we’ll create in this world. I saw it after Manny lost and Floyd won the boxing match.  I observed these impacts that Manny Pacquiao made in his generation.

1. Whenever he has a fight, he is able to make the Filipino people (even other nationalities) watch and unite to support him. The immediate result of this is like having a holiday celebration with families and friends with lot’s of food on the table, not to mention zero crime rate and no traffic in Metro Manila for a day. Cool!

2. He inspires a lot of people to rise up from ashes to greatness.

3. Because of Manny’s exposure in the media, we hear a lot about his faith in Jesus Christ and Bible verses.

After 12 rounds of boxing. Manny lost the fight. But Manny’s life is not confined in the boxing ring that’s why after the match, people still cheered for him. His life made an impact to the world because he made a point that it wasn’t about him.

What can happen to our world if our lives  that makes positive impact to others? I believe we don’t need to be a Manny Pacquiao to make a difference. But we all need to refocus our lives from our selfish ambitions to Jesus. That’s how a person change the world.


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