How to Plan through your 2015


2015 is just around the corner and a lot of thoughts are coming to our mind these days like how am I going to go through this year? What are my new year’s resolutions? Or what am I believing God for this new year?

I believe these questions are good to ask ourselves, think through and act upon as the year 2015 unfolds. But sometimes it can get to overwhelming that it paralyzes how you can act upon it. Some of us gave up already and just want to recycle what we had thought before and hope it can happen this year. I want to share three things that may help your personal planning this 2015. These thoughts have helped me when I started applying this since 2012.

1. Think about your “one thing” this year. I know its difficult to think about just one thing and miss out on another. But the concept of deciding on the “one thing” is that it will be where you will give more energy, time, effort and money. The reward after 365 days of investing into it is that it becomes second nature to you that when another year comes, you can easily bring it with you. Of course, it doesn’t mean this is the “only” thing you’ll do for the year. It’s just the main theme, it’s the burden for the year or it’s the focus of your soul.

For example, last 2012 my one thing for that year was communication. I am a campus missionary and youth pastor so I need to communicate more than any common guy usually does. So I invested most of my time listening to people with good communication skills, received lots of speaking engagements and read books about communicating effectively, specifically the Gospel. It was worth the investment. Until now I still reap the benefits of it.

2. Instead of just writing your to-do list, write your to-be list first.

This is a huge separation from what we usually think of when      we plan our year. We usually focus on what we feel like we          need to do but forget that behind every to-do list is a character    that acts upon it.

For example, last 2013 my one thing was relationships. So I thought through my sphere of relationships and gave my energy, time, effort and money in this area of my life. My to-be list were as follows:

  • to be more loving to my wife
  • to be friends with people outside my sphere of influence
  • to be more intentional in spending (not about work) time with people.

Under this to-be list is a to-do list. Your to-do list is always done through the foundation of your character.

3. Instead of just writing what you can do, write down what you believe only God can do to you and through you.

I call these faith goals. These are the things that are beyond me. I can only go to God and ask Him to make it happen. This list makes me humble and makes me grateful that God is ultimately in control of every detail in my life.

One of our faith goals this 2014 was clarity of direction. I believe God answered it through people as we moved from the Philippines to US to do campus ministry.

I believe there are many great ways to plan the year but I hope these will help you frame your planning this year 2015.

Happy New Year and may God guide you through the year 2015!


5 thoughts on “How to Plan through your 2015

  1. Thanks Dan. I thank GOD for the day you were born and for you being such a brother to me. Happy New Year to you and to your family. Love you.

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