Thank You Notes – A post thanksgiving blog


It’s my first time to celebrate Thanksgiving in US. It’s filled with families sharing food and fun together. A joyful moment like Christmas, with a twist of having the Turkey as the main course of the night and many messages of gratefulness to people. I got my own list of my thank you notes this Thanksgiving and I decided to blog about it; these are really pointed to my Lord and Savior who gave me every good gifts that allowed me to do His purpose.

Thank you for my family in Manila. My ate Beth, my kuya Manny, ate Tata, Khalid, KC and specially my Mama, who did everything for us for our well being. Thanks Ma!

Thank you for my family here in Chicago, Daddy and Mommy (in- laws). Their generosity allows us to answer God’s call to serve here in US.

Thank you for the spiritual family we have. Victory Malate for leading me to a growing relationship with Jesus. Pastor Nixon, Pastor Jon, Pastor Jonathan and many more pastors invested alot in me. Thank you for believing in me.

Thank you for my friends who encourages me, who prays for me, corrects me and cheers me up in times of discouragement. Thanks Abe and Mike and the gang for standing with me.

Thank you for all the ministry partners who stayed with us and believed in us which enabled us to do ministry and go further to where God is leading us. Thank you for your joyful sacrifice.

Thank you for my loving wife Char. For your relentless love and joy that you share in the family. How could I live happy without you?

Thank you for my son Judah who gives smile in our face everyday. Also our upcoming son, whom we are excited to see this February 2015, we know God has instored lots of great things for you.

Thank you Jesus for saving me. While I was still a sinner you died for me. You see my heart and mind yet You love me the same. No words can express my gratitude to my Lord and Savior.

What about you? What are you grateful for this season?

Happy Thanksgiving!


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