The Death of Real Intimacy

Death of Intimacy

We now live in a very sexualized society. As the marketing saying claims, “Sex sells”, indeed our society has been buying it and industries have been making a good income out of it.

We see it in the internet, newspapers and magazine where men and women’s bodies are flaunted. TV commercials and banner ads in the highways also show some “skin” and intimate scenarios like kissing. Recently there was a shirt released in the mall with a print that says, “It’s not rape, it’s a snuggle with a struggle.” Even rape as a crime is now depicted as something not serious and considered as a “snuggle.”

There was a recent fashion show by Bench called “The Naked Truth” that objectified women and even men as sex objects, some even degrading it to like a leashed dog. Some bloggers even commented that it’s like a soft-porn show.

All this description of what’s happening in our society leads into something dangerous. Many people who are for these kinds of “art” or act look at people like me, as narrow-minded, not fun, old-schooled guy. Yes, if that’s the description, I somehow agree that I should be it, but not just because I am against it. But because I am fighting for something critical not just for me but for the young men and women who consume these images, not knowing that it affects the way they view a person.

Here are some troubling effects of sexualizing our society.

  • A person who consumes images that are explicit will eventually see another person as a sex object. Hence, it would be difficult for that person to experience real friendships and would be struggling with the idea that his/her friend can be a potential sexual partner.
  • A husband or a wife who consumes explicit media will eventually have their desire redirected to the images or videos of other men or women. It kills intimacy between a husband and wife. Thus resulting to a cold relationship and then divorce.
  • Sex will not be a critical element for marriage. Because of its loose proliferation, it will just be a common thing. Thus killing the idea of real marriage between a man and a woman.

I am not just against the sexualization of our society. I am fighting for real and godly relationships. I am fighting for real intimacy between a husband and wife. I am fighting for what the next generation is losing. Real Intimacy in real marriage.

Sexualized society can lead to the demise of real intimacy. Sad, but it’s true. Just look around and see the results of it. You don’t need to be an expert to prove the downside of it.


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