10 Books that Influenced My Life.


I’m writing this blog as a response to the challenge that was tagged to me by my friend Perci in Facebook. I’ll be writing 10 books that made a big influence on how I lead, how I love my wife and parent my child.

Bible. It will really top the charts. But I am not including it because the Bible for me is not just a book but a collection of manuscripts from different eras and combined altogether to tell one message of God’s heart for us and how He saved us from sin. It’s really way better than a book, so I will not include it in the category of books.

So here are the top 10 books that helped me as a leader, a husband and now a dad.

10. Power of Habit – Charles Duhigg

This helped me build the right habits (keystone habits) that can really affect the productivity in my work and even fruitfulness of my relationship. This is a mind changer.

9. The One Thing – Gary Keller

This book caused me to think about that one thing that I need to focus on in every season of my life. Life is not the same when a season enters, so “what is that one thing that will bring progress and change in me.”

8. Think – John Piper

I read this 4 years ago. I really admire how Pastor John wrote that you can love the Lord with all your mind and worship God with all your thoughts. I realized thinking deep stuff about Him is one of my pathways in worshiping God.

7.  Developing Leaders Around You – John Maxwell

I started reading this when I became a youth pastor. Realizing that the work of the ministry shouldn’t be carried by one but by many people. This book helped me inspire and plan for people I want to develop for leadership. One lesson I got from the book: “You gotta have a plan!”

6. Relationship Principles of Jesus. – Tom Holladay

This book affected the way I treat my wife, my son, my workmates and of course how I love God. Tom Holladay wrote this book like how Rick Warren wrote Purpose Driven Life. It’s easy to read and its lessons are really practical. It will really check your heart.

5. Deep and Wide – Andy Stanley

Andy Stanley wrote how their church reaches to the unchurched people. It’s a good resource book for a church that reaches to a generation that is hostile or indifferent to church. Unchurched people may like Jesus but the problem lies on His followers. The book added another perspective for me as a missionary on how to be deep in Jesus yet widely open to engage lost people.

4. 100 Years from Now – Steve Murrell

As a growing church, there are things that we should not let go. This book is a classic to me because it says everything how we as Every Nation Ministries should be, should do and what should we pass on.

3.  Cries of the Heart – Ravi Zacarias

Whenever I read Ravi’s books, I really have to read slowly to chew what he is saying. Talking about suffering and how God intervenes in a person’s heart, this is really a good book to read and study.

2. Four Pillars of a Man’s Heart – Stu Weber

I read this when my leader in my college days, Pastor Jon Naron recommended me this book. It’s about manhood at its very core. Stu Weber uses the image of a King, a Warrior, a Mentor and a Friend and how these metaphors should be applied as a         man. This is one of the books I finished when I was being discipled.

1. I Kissed Dating Good bye – Joshua Harris

This helped me a lot in how I see boy-girl relationships. I read it 3 times because it really crushed a lot of my previous mindsets about relationships. Today as husband and a father, I reaped a lot from the lessons I found in that book.


There you have it! The top 10 books that influenced me. I don’t know who to tag but I hope it can spark a thought in you, what books you read that developed you. What are your top 10 books?


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