Tips for Breakthrough after a Break Up

How can I experience breakthrough after this break up?

Emotions are high after experiencing a difficult break up of  a relationship. Decisions are  unstable and not dependable at this stage. Yet a person needs a right direction so not to lead to depression or any foolish decision that might hurt self or others.

Coping is a way of accepting the reality but the outcome of the person sometimes gets worse depending on  how he or she is taking it. After a break up, a person experience a crisis, meaning a fork road that can lead to depression progression. There are only two decision in this crisis, either a person decides to be defeated and down or a person decides to progress, let go and move on.

It’s easily said than done. But I have seen people went through it (I also had a share of it) and I believe it’s possible to experience breakthrough in this situation.

My suggestion is to ask oneself not how to cope to the heart breaking situation but how to experience break through after a break up.

Here are some tips I want to share that I hope would help someone to progress to a breakthrough


  • Accept that you won’t forget. – This is difficult. Yet this fact is really helpful, because the reality is the brain has no capacity to forget and trying to forget is a more hurtful endeavor and might lead to frustration and foolish decisions.
  • Do not isolate yourself.  – But most people if not all people really pull away when they are hurt. I believe there is a time for it and it must be done but do not prolong the agony by isolating yourself in a very long time. Friends are really helpful in these times of need.  Surround yourself with people who will encourage you and listen to your thoughts. But be open as well to their thoughts and wisdom.
  • Get some activities to do to avoid over thinking or boredom. – Read a book, do culinary stuff, involve yourself in a social work or ministry in a church. Basically, get outside of the cycle that causes your heart to go back  to the heart breaking memories.
  • Always go back to God and surrender your emotions and thoughts to Him. – Before anyone loved you, He is already the Lover of your soul. The Bible clearly says that God is close to the broken heart. It means you can always pour your heart to Him and He will be the one to heal your heart. Submit to the Divine Heart Mender and you’ll see that the memories can be there but the sting of it has no hold on you.


I believe there are more ways on how to experience breakthrough after a break up. What tips can you add to help someone now who might need an advice today?


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