How to Have More Energy as a Leader in 5 steps.

Ok, this is not really the energy I want to talk about.
Ok, this is not really the energy I want to talk about.

This is really practical. Having too many roles in life can really drain a lot of energy. Usually people blame it to the lack of time why they can’t do something or execute a project or study for an exam. Although it’s partly true but the half of the matter is that the energy that comes with your work needs to be managed as well.

These tips has helped me put 100% in every thing I do in my work, family and recreational life. Hope this would help you become energetic in your workplace.

1. Get enough sleep. We have different level of “enough” in terms of sleep. But for me, 6-8 hours a day would really help my mind and body freshened up for another battle.

2. Eat healthy. There are food that doesn’t help us get energy  that we really need, when we need it. One culprit I discovered are food that is high in GI, like spaghetti, white rice and fries. These food can make you sleepy instead of making you up and running. My suggestion is to lessen the intake of this food when you need to work long. Focus on vegetables, brown rice and real meat or fish that give longer energy release in the body.

3. Exercise. This is one of the important factors in getting more energy. Contrary to the public notion that exercise depletes energy. It actually does the opposite. Right exercise can release endorphins (Happy Hormone). You can research what appropriate exercise you can do and frequency you can make to produce more energy and even relieve you from stress.

4. Practice breaks. I usually take a 20 min nap in the afternoon. I got it from another blogger about the benefits of taking a nap everyday.

5. Have a day off. God created us to work six days and rest one day. That one day is a day for you to replenish your body, mind and heart with what God has for you. Resting a day every week is actually an act of faith. It believes that God holds everything in His hands and he is in control of our lives.

One of the most important thing a leader should impart is his/her energy. The energy of a leader affect greatly his influence.

What do you do to add more energy to your workplace?


2 thoughts on “How to Have More Energy as a Leader in 5 steps.

  1. Wow! Thanks for this kuya Daniel! I’m personally trying to figure out how I can manage my energy on a weekly basis. It’s one thing to manage time and other resources, and it’s another matter to manage one’s energy. I really appreciate this 🙂

  2. I really admire you. What you are today is really one of my dreams but it’s hard for me to leave which I believed my calling. I love to preach. I love to inspire that’s why I really force myself to be really bold in Christ!<3

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