The Art of Letting Go

Let go of me cat!!!

Many of us hold on to something or the someone. But seldom we notice that the things or people that we hold on to are not helping us. Maybe one of the reasons we seldom notice it is because that thing or that someone is giving us “happiness or satisfaction.”

I observed that not all happiness brings life to people. Some lead to frustration or worst addiction that separates them to the real life. It’s like not all foods that fill the stomach are healthy for us. Some can lead to malnutrition. I don’t want to enumerate them here, I might offend people unnecessarily. 🙂 Letting go is a difficult art to learn in life but if you know when to use it, it will liberate you to a whole new level of peace and joy in your life. This art can be used in many facets of life. Let me give you some principles that will help you let go of the things that doesn’t give life.

Letting go doesn’t mean resistance, it means refocus. We usually focus on the things we resist. But the more you focus on the things that doesn’t give life, you’ll find yourself falling in it again. Will power will only make it worse for you. Instead, refocus your heart and your eyes on the things that give life.

Letting go doesn’t mean just being empty, it means embracing something  that will really fill. The fear of letting go is the fear of being empty and left out. Conversely, letting go is not complete without embracing in something new. Letting go might mean you have to embrace new habits, new people or new mindsets that will give life to your heart.

Maybe right now, there are things you need to let go in order to experience what you have been missing- real life, real joy, real peace.

I believe you only find these in a person. Jesus.

What is one thing you feel like you need to let go so you can embrace a new one?


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