Why I Advice Young People to Wait

Waiting“Waiting for the right time” is a really vague principle and maybe a cruel word for some young people. In a world where we have access to a lot of things, denying yourself  to have a love of your life has really become a virtue. Young people jump to romantic relationships for many reasons and many of them end up not in good shape. In my experience of counseling  young people about it, I often communicate these principles that I’m hoping they would be guided by. My wife also had a blog about this last year, but more directed towards women.

So here are my reasons why I advice young people to wait:

1. Waiting means preparing. You prepare for something or someone who is important. If that thing is not that important, you can just “wing it” because there is nothing really at stake. But if a person values romantic relationships and the future spouse, he/she will wait — prepare for the person. “What you ready for when you’re single will be a gift to your future spouse.”

2. Waiting means security and wholeness. Much of the counseling times I have with young people who wants to have a romantic relationship is that they fear they will lose the one they love. But as I have dug deeper on the issue, it really boils down to a fear of not being accepted. But romantic relationship is not the cure for our fears and brokenness. Jesus is the only person who can secure our fearful heart and restore our wholeness.

3. Waiting means Trust. Waiting is sign of trust that God is the author of your love story. We need to act at some point,  but we have to let God act first before we do our act in the building of the relationship. The question you need to ask yourself is this: “Are you willing to let God move heaven and earth to bring you and your future husband/wife together?”

What does waiting for the right time mean for you?  What are your practical ways in waiting for the right time to have romantic relationship.


4 thoughts on “Why I Advice Young People to Wait

    1. The premise usually of having a relationship is because young people wants to fill something that is empty or broken. For others, its to fill an insecurity that they feel. But in reality, relationships can’t fill any void in our hearts. Only Jesus can fill it.

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