What I have Learned from Removing Weeds in the Backyard

Weeds steal nutrients from the soil. Some habits, thoughts and relationships does that to our hearts as well.

It’s my first time to remove weeds in a backyard, I never had an experience of gardening until my father-in-law asked me to help him this morning. It was tough work. Toiling the soil and removing weeds are really pain in the back. I was reminded of discipleship and how I help people learn the word of God and unlearn the things of the world.

I got some observations about weeds that led me to relate removing it wih discipleship.

Weeds steal nutrients from the grass in the backyard, if not removed the grass will eventually die and be replaced with the weeds. Some weeds have thorns and are not good to step on. Some weeds has flower-like-good-looking-design in it but it still steal nutrients and water from the grass we are gardening.

Following Jesus sounds really simple until you realize that there are things in your walk that steals you away from it. it can be:

1 . a habit

2. thought patterns or ideology

3. relationships

There are some habits, thoughts or relationships in our lives that we feel like its okay to have until we are confronted by God’s word and realize that they steal our joy, peace and even our understanding that helps us follow Jesus further. But I believe God has provided us a way of removing the “weeds” of our lives to grow in Christ further and faster:

1. His Word – The Bible changes our minds. It challenges the reasoning of our minds and the intentions of our hearts. No other book can define fully what the heart can do but the Bible.

2. His People – People who also walk in the direction of following Jesus can give us encouragement when we feel like not following or when we are fearful or when we are doubtful about God’s will for our lives. God designed life to be shared with people.

What are the “weeds” in your life that you feel like you need to remove to grow more in Christ?


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