Benefits of an Empty Plate


Its fasting season now for us. This year, it’s a 5 day prayer and fasting. Fasting is setting aside food (and things I really enjoy) for devotion to God.

It’s a difficult spiritual discipline. I somehow dread the coming of this week every year. But looking back, fasting really made a big change in my life. I believe as a leader this should be a necessity to move further in your leadership and even in your personal life. I got three reasons why I do fasting even if my head aches.

1. I become more sensitive in what God wants rather than what I want.

2. It humbles me and makes me realize that I really need God in all aspects of my life.

3.It boosts my faith as I pray and read through the Bible what God wants for his people.

I said three…but let me add one.

4. It allows me to know God more in a very deep and intimate way as I pray and fast.

As I always say to the people who also fast this time. Happy Fasting! Enjoy knowing God in a very deep and intimate way!


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