How to Enjoy Your Christmas while You’re Single

Christmas is just few days away and many are rushing to buy gifts and preparations for the awaited holiday. Many are enjoying the season of parties and long rest but usually this season also reminds single people of what they don’t have — a romantic relationship. 

I know this because I have been through this when I was single. I knew as a single we are complete in Christ but we can’t neglect the fact that we long for this part of our life where we can enjoy this important season with someone special. But the longing should not be an excuse to not enjoy and miss out on what is important this Christmas. Instead, you as a single person can maximize what you have. Here are some tips that you can do this Christmas while you are single.

1. Maximize your time in friendships – This is the best way to do this holiday, invest in friendships. Nothing really beats a strongly built friendship. Enjoy and build with people while you have the luxury of time this holiday.

2. Change your perspective about your singleness – This is usually the root of sadness in the midst of the happiness of the season. Don’t think you are less because you are single. You actually have a lot of advantages in this season of your life. Remember that this time is a gift from God and what you make out of it will be a gift to your future spouse.

3. Discover your passions in life – This holiday gives us a lot of time to think and explore what we really want to be and to do in life. Discover your strengths to maximize and weaknesses to manage.

4. Do not eat alone – This might sound simple but for people who are usually eating alone, try to break the habit of eating alone and get a friend to talk with.


Again, your season is a gift of God for you. Enjoy it this Christmas with people and thank God for His wonderful gift of life that we have in Jesus.


What are other things you think a single person can do to enjoy more this season? 


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