Every dead end precedes a breakthrough.

There will be moments in our lives as a leader or even as plain individuals that we will experience dead ends. It’s a feeling of being stuck in a portion of your life and you don’t know where to go. It’s a situation that you’re not progressing in life. It’s like you’re in the middle of the sea and there is no wind to push you somewhere. Whatever that can mean to your life, its not a good position to be in.

As I write this blog, I’m actually having that feeling that I’m at a dead end. One reason is because I have a fever and colds and I can’t work. For any leader dead ends are not a good place to be, but I believe right response is the key to get out of this situation and sky rocket yourself to another breakthrough. These are the things that I believe we need to have to overcome dead ends.

1. See that dead ends are not final but a pit stop – Pit stops in race is not a final destination its a stop to recalibrate the wheels and gas up to propel the racer to run another lap. That’s a perspective we need to have whenever we approach a dead end. Its not final, its an opportunity to go a another round of bouts and victories.

2. Look beyond the dead end – Every dead end precedes a breakthrough. Do not dwell in the past mistakes and defeats, these things are good to look at for the moment for evaluation and wisdom but don’t settle in it. Instead, look beyond it and ask ourselves, “what is God teaching me in this situation?” I believe wisdom will come from God and will allow you to see the breakthrough.

3. Dead Ends are opportunity to know God more – In my life as a follower of Jesus, there are a lot of stops and dead ends that seems to be forever but one thing that God allowed me to know is that in these times, God wants us to slow down, listen to him more and be still. As a leader our temptation is to always execute things and be on the go. We usually miss the part where we need to stop and listen to God and know His will. Sometimes God uses these times to reveal Himself more to us. Take this opportunity to know God when dead end happens.

What are your “dead end” moments as a leader? How did you overcome it?


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