How to Prevent Burn Out

Burn out means you have burned all your passion and energy that you don’t want to push forward in what you are doing. As leaders, this occurrence can happen if we don’t know why we are doing things or we are “over doing” our responsibilities. It happened to me many times as I was a starting as a leader. As a starting leader sometimes the temptation is to prove yourself and overdo your work. Not thinking that it does more harm than good as we go further in our leadership. I have listed some of my experiences that lead me to a burn out as a growing leader. This list will help you prevent burn out to happen in your leadership. Prevention is better than cure.

1. Rest. Your productivity is directly proportional to your rest. The well rested you are the more creative and active your mind can be at work. Avoid sleeping late at night as much as possible. 6-8 hours are the optimum rest hours for you to recuperate for the next day.

2. Do not work alone. This is one of my biggest hurdle, people say that they work well alone. But their are many untapped resources and opportunities that remain potential when we decide to just do things alone. I believe there is energy in synergy. If we discover the power of what a team can accomplish, the more productive we can be in our workplace.

3. Organize. Majority our stress comes from our ideas, tasks and responsibilities that are left undone. I read from Getting Things Done book from David Allen that our mind is continuously  bothered by the undone tasks and responsibilities. Our energy is drained faster when we don’t deal with it. The solution is to organize your thoughts, ideas or responsibilities then prioritize when you will finish it. More of this in my future blogs.

4. Pray. I believe the only true strength is found in the One who created it for us. Unless we are tapped to the source of our energy through faith. We can accomplish more as we tap on God who can give us strength beyond human capacity.

5. Exercise. It’s impossible to accomplish task apart from a healthy body. Eating right and exercise is one of the key to a sharp mind and creative ideas. Try running for 15 mins for a start and start feeling the energy rush after the exercise.

What about you? What are your ways to prevent you from burn out?


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