Questions are powerful tools to build or destroy a mindset. It can also cause a leader to move beyond what he can do. Asking ourselves

Asking ourselves questions reflect what is valuable to us as a leader.

questions reflect what is valuable to us as a leader. It can change a behavior of the one being ask.

This is true to me as a leader, there are times where I don’t want to do the things that I ought to do because of selfishness and pride. There are also times where I want to do the things that I shouldn’t do as leader. The questions I listed are questions I always ask everyday, these are not my own ideas, I got these from other leaders who face the same challenges everyday.

1. What can I do to add value to you? This question really forces me to think how I can help other people (my wife, my friends, family, work mates)

2. Will this give God honor? This question checks the wisdom in my heart. It leads me not just to obey God’s commands but to seek what God really wants and His intentions in a specific matter.

3. What does love require of me? This question for me is a game changer. I got this from Andy Stanley and what this question checks on me is the intention and motivation on why I do what I do. Is it to love the people around me? or it for my selfish gain? Is it to love God? or to twist a favor from God?

“Much of life is asking the right questions”.  I got this from my pastor and it really guided me how I live my life as a leader today.

What questions can we ask ourselves to do great things for God and people?


2 thoughts on “Great Questions Leaders Should Ask

  1. Hi Daniel, I am on staff with Cru (formerly named Campus Crusade for Christ). Your post confirms that you and I are kindred spirits–we both see the great value of quesions. I think you will enjoy taking a peek at my blog: When you go there you can also curser down and see a bunch of my recent posts. I will look forward to staying in touch withyou.

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