Accountability is one of the most important elements in leadership. Without it, in my opinion a leader is bound to fail. Accountability are people who checks you once in a while how you are doing in different/specific aspects in your life (Marriage, Work, Ministry, Purity, Finances). In my life as a leader there are times where I felt it’s not necessary to have someone check me or someone to be accountable with because I feel I got it all covered and mapped out. But thank God for people who speaks in my life boldly, not because they just want me checked but because they really want to push the best out of me.

Here are some thoughts to think about why I (and you) need accountability. If we are really honest enough to think through it, these are realities in our lives.

1. “I am not the smartest person in the career/relationship that I’m in now.”

2. “I usually deceive myself into things.”

3. “I can get out of control anytime.”

4. “My emotions sometimes get the best out of me.”

5. “Temptations are there daily. It can capture me in my unguarded moments”

These are my few thoughts that pushes me to ask people I can trust and people I know who can give me wise counsel in different aspects of my life. It’s helping me grow as a leader and keeping me healthy as a man God has called me to be.

What do you think are the hindrances why people would not want an accountability in their lives?


5 thoughts on “Why I need Accountability

  1. I agree much. I have experienced myself the aftermath of being accountable to your leader and letting pride give you a sense of entitlement. It is better enough though, that we entrust our accounts to not just whom we want to, but to our leaders, godly enough to rebuke us, correct us and encourage us according to the word of God 🙂

  2. I think, it’s either they’re too proud to accept corrections and to consider opinions about themselves or they’re too ashamed of having somebody else see their flaws.

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