Metro Manila is flooded today because of non-stop heavy rains. News in the TV, Internet and radio are broadcasting current condition of flooded cities. Also, a “weak” earthquake was felt around early afternoon. Emotions like fear, worry and anxiety are up this time. I felt it, my wife feels it and some of my friends in Facebook. I was listening to the radio and the newscaster prayed for the safety for the people who are affected by the flood.

I have two contradicting thoughts I want to tell everyone. These two will help us respond right and not get paralyzed by the bad news happening.

1. Be still and know the He is God  – Fear, worry and anxiety are effects of what we see, what we hear and our insecurity. But we need to TURN our eyes, ears and mind on WHO God is in our nation, our communities and our families. He is in control. He knows our situation and He is near to the broken hearted people. Let’s respond in faith not in fear.

2. Be involved and get ready – Prayer and faith is great. But as people who loves Jesus we can’t be sitting down and just watch. Let’s get involve with groups who are currently helping the people flooded or let’s initiate an act of kindness to the people who are affected by the flood.

Let our faith and action be known in this opportune time!

How can we help people now in the midst of calamity?

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Current situation via people in FB who posted pictures.


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