Discouragement happens. At home, at work or at any situations in our lives. It can be as often as everyday. In other words, its a common

Discouragements are influenced by what or who we focused into.

thing in our lives. Although its common, discouragement is not a good feeling to have. Discouragement simply means out of courage. Courage is something we need to face the world everyday. It is something we need to go beyond the regular and gives us excitement in life. If there is no courage, life is a difficult life to live. It becomes monotonous, dull and boring.

One discovery that I have recently is that our discouragement usually is affected by what we focused our eyes into. What you focused into will affect the courage inside you.

Have you been focusing to much on the issue? the problem? the thing that wasn’t accomplished? the love one that is sick now or a financial problem that you can’t solve? It’s important for us to face these problems and not to neglect them. But focusing on these will not produce action but discouragement.

Look at Abraham in the Bible, despite facing the facts that Sarah is old and she can’t bear a child, he focused on the one Who promised that he will be a father of all nations. He wasn’t discouraged, he was filled with courage and faith. He focused on the right person that caused Abraham to go beyond his situation. This is not about positive thinking, its about the right focus.  Hebrews 11:10-11.

Are you discouraged today? Where are you focusing now? Is it in your problems and disappointments? Fix your eyes on Jesus.


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