How to defeat Procrastination

After how many days since my last blog I felt I’m not “able” and “willing” to write a blog again. I think I was being lazy to communicate, in other words procrastination. Maybe you have felt that at one point in your life. In your work, academics or any goals you have set that you want to achieve. I’m not an achiever, so maybe I’m more prone to this problem unlike any achievers out there.

I define procrastination as deferring to do something that is important-urgent in your life. As I have been thinking about this definition, I went back to some of the learnings I got to combat the bad attitude of procrastination.

1. Remember that there is at stake. The reason why we procrastinate is because we easily forget the drive or the reason why we do what we do. Think about this: “If I don’t do this, this will not happen.”

2. Set a clear purpose of why you do what you do. The purpose you set will help you focus on what you must do. (Ex. Exercise thrice a week: To live longer for my wife and children. To spend time with them and impart my life and learnings to them.)

3.  Eliminate the distractions that slows you down. It might mean you need to cut off your Facebook time or it might mean you need to sleep early or eat healthy food.

4. Set a clear deadline. Deadlines should be treated this way, “I will be dead when I reach the line.” Clarity of the deadline can give you a push to do the things you need to do. The lack of it will make you push the schedule down the calendar until you forget it.

5. Resolve that procrastination produces stress more than good results. Stress at work is one of the reasons why we produce less than what we should actually do. You might get the job done but the quality of work suffers.

How do you fight procrastination in your life? What other practical tips can you give to defeat procrastination?


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