Who are you?

Your identity sets your ability to walk in your destiny. As a follower of Jesus, this is something that we are secured at because God, the

“You identity sets your ability to walk in your destiny”

one who gave and design our identity never changes His mind and will never change despite of our human errors.

However, whenever we sin we experience this “identity crisis” and we find it confusing and difficult to understand who we are as Christians because we feel like we are not Christians because of what we thought, said or did.

That’s why the Bible teaches us not to sin (Colossian 3:5) not because God won’t accept you if you sin but because He doesn’t want you to be enslaved again by sin and be deceived that you are not a child of God. The Devil’s tactic is to deceive us to not believe God or at least doubt Him. But Jesus came so that He would once and for all settle this “identity issue” in our lives as followers. The clearer we know our identity in God, the more convince we are in our hatred of sin and love for God.

The following are reminders of who we are in Jesus:

1. You are accepted

2. You are loved

3. You are victorious

4. You are salt and light of the world

5. You are a blessing to all people

6. You are righteous before God

7. You are a child of God

8. You are His ambassador

9. You are free

10. You are forgiven

You are valuable to God because He made you. Do you see yourself the way God sees you?


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