The title is really weird, but somehow because of the pace of work, studies, and responsibilities rest is a forgotten art in this world. I find it difficult sometimes to have rest not because of the actual tasks to do but because of the feeling of being responsible to a lot of things to do. Usually I miss day off for weeks!!! I found out that lack of rest reduces productivity and creativity. So rest is really important for everyone.

Thank God we have a God that designed rest. We called it Sabbath. It’s a part of His command because He wants us to trust Him that at the end of every work is faith to God that He holds everything in His hands. Rest is a faith thing not just the absence of work. As I thought through this concept of rest in my weekly routine, I decided to “do” these so I can experience rest.

1. Decide on a day to be your rest day – I know this might sound impossible for some, but I realized deciding on this stretched my faith because I acknowledge that the things I will miss is in God’s control.

2. Plan your rest day – You need to unclog our minds. Decide that the day is not about your work but about resting yourself. Plan to go out or do something that is not work related that can refresh you.

3. Disconnect and Connect – What I mean here is disconnect with your usual routine (sometimes you need to disconnect from people to unclog pressure) and have a time within the day where you can connect with God. I call this Quiet Time, its a scheduled time where I am alone and I listen to worship music and “chew on” God’s word.

4. Plan an out-of-town – Change of environment can help you detoxify from your stressful schedule. Nature tripping is one of the best way to rest your mind from work.

5. Have fun – Don’t feel guilty that you took a day of rest. Rest is an act of faith. It honors God because its a declaration of your dependence on Him.

Do you have a day within your week were you can rest? What is your best rest experience?


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