You need help?

Pasay West Highschool
The Harvest is plentiful and we need help.

I’m a campus missionary and one of the things I do is to go to campuses and help people follow Jesus. I have been doing this for 4 years now and I have season of discouragements, disappointments, and weariness. I have times were I wanted to quit and go back to my secular job as an engineer. Being a missionary is tough, it’s not that easy and its tiring most of the times.

But Jesus never meant his work to be burdensome. He never designed this calling to just make us quit. He promised that He will be with us until the end of times (Matthew 28:20b). And Jesus also promised that He will give us the Helper that will empower us and move in our midst to accomplish the task He has given us. The Holy Spirit. He is God as the Bible described Him (Acts 5:3-4, Psalms 139:7-8). He is our comfort in times of frustration and He is our guide when we need direction. The Holy Spirit reminds us of God’s word and God’s promises in our lives.

As a campus missionary, I need help. The ultimate help that I can get comes from the Holy Spirit. Aside from people God provides, the Holy Spirit is the one who can carry you through the call that God has for you.

Question now for us is this? Do we invite the Holy Spirit in our endeavors? Or we just strategize over it? Do we pray that God will do His work in the campus or we work then pray to God to bless what we have done?

I believe the campus ministry should be powered not by human talents but by the Holy Spirit. Besides, He is the only one who can change the hearts of people.

Action: Whenever we pray, let’s invite the Holy Spirit to come in our endeavors. He is willing to help.


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