Pride is one of the most difficult issues to see because it hides in many different forms. Insecurities, fears   and self-dependence are just

Funny but true.

some of the manifestations of it. Pride can wound relationships, teams and families. In my life, I have seen the bad effects of pride in my relationships and even at work. As I observed myself and this dilemma of detecting pride, I somehow found at least 9 indicators that you and I might have issues of pride in your life. Early detection can prevent further destruction.

1. You are easily irritated by the simple mistakes of other people.

2. You laugh or enjoy the failures of others.

3. You are not comfortable talking about your weaknesses.

4. You love talking about your own accomplishments.

5. Its easier for you to do it by yourself than to delegate the task.

6. You don’t have accountability partners. These are people who knows your life.

7. You are usually defensive when people confronts you.

8. You seldom acknowledge someone’s idea, you think your idea is better than the other.

9. You are easily discouraged when no one appreciates your work.

I listed them down because these are evident in my life as God continually change my heart. I believe God can change a man’s heart as he surrenders himself to Him.

What “Pride Indicators” would you add to this list? Share your thoughts!


10 thoughts on “9 Indicators of Pride in your Heart

  1. Amen! Your blog is a blessing. I chanced upon your blog when I clicked a link in my friend’s FB account. She posted the 10 “Things I want to Tell Single Women” blog of yours. And I also read the corresponding blog from your wife, too. That blog gives me hope to wait patiently and focus on serving the Lord. Your other blog entries and your wife’s too are an enlightenment to my spiritual life. May God bless you and your ministry!

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