How to become a trustworthy person?

“Do something to the gap you made.”

One of the leadership principles that a leader should really hold on to is being trustworthy. Today, its one of the lacking ingredients in a leaders character. Leaders nowadays have a lot of talents to offer, massive influence, superb intellect but wanting in terms of trustworthiness. I believe its one of the reason why people losses confidence in a leader. We have a crisis of leaders who are trustworthy, but how can one be trustworthy leader? What does it mean to be trustworthy?

This definition came from Andy Stanley. Trustworthy just means being worthy of trust. It doesn’t mean you are consistent or you are perfect in your duties. But it means when you fail to do something expected of you as a leader, you are responsible for fixing the gaps that you made. It means you won’t pass the responsibility to someone to fix it but you.

Here are some tips to build trustworthiness in your workplace.

1. Don’t be late. If you do, apologize and do something about it so that you won’t be late the next time around.

2. Always be accountable to someone. It really helps that someone checks how you work.

3. If possible don’t work alone. Work with teams who are committed to make you successful in your career.

4. Treat other people with higher value. How you serve others affects the amount of trust they will give to you.

We all want leaders who are trustworthy. Leaders who we can look at with confidence not just because they are good in their performance but because they have a good heart.

Is there anything we can add as a tip to help leaders to become more trustworthy?


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