Love is not…

My wife and I watched “A Little Thing Called Love”, a Thai chic flick movie about a school girl falling in

A little thing called Love…What do we really mean when we talk about love?

love with her school mate. We enjoyed watching it, but I have thought of 10 things I believe what love is not.

Love is not…

  1. a romantic emotion to pursue someone or be with someone.
  2. a condition of being fulfilled by someone
  3. a definition of the condition of the heart. (I’m in love!)
  4. when you can’t sleep because you keep on thinking about someone.
  5. when you can’t concentrate in what you doing.
  6. when you’re smiling even when no one is around.
  7. when you’re inspired to do your assignments, project or work.
  8. when you want to give a letter, roses and/or chocolates to someone special.
  9. when you spend time talking more than 8 hours!
  10. when you’re bursting to say what you feel for the person.

I believe love is more than these, it’s not just an emotion but a decision shown in action to a person not necessarily in agreement with you. That is somehow what I see in the Bible when Jesus loved the people he was with when He was here on earth.

What is love for you? How can you show true love to other people today?


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