10 Things I want to Tell Single Women

I want to respond to my wife’s blog about 10 things she wants to tell single men. I got 10 things to say as well to single

10 things I want to say to single women 🙂

women this time. Here are my 10:

1. You are called to wait.

2. You are designed to be pursued. Be secure. You are not less of a woman when no one pursues you.

3. You are God’s representative of beauty. It’s ok to be beautiful inside and out.

4. Modest is the new Hottest. For godly men, modesty is still the best policy. You might get an attention but not respect.

5. Be gentle. It doesn’t mean you don’t do anything or speak softly. It just means don’t go ahead of a man.

6. To much make up will not make you more beautiful. As a quote says, “Simplicity is beauty.”

7. Avoid assumption when men try to be nice to you.

8. Do not entertain a suitor if you really don’t have anything for the guy. A straight forward NO is very much appreciated.

9. Being “touchy” will not be of help to you. You can be taken advantage of if you continue doing it.

10. What you make out of your single life will be a gift to your future husband. Build your best character as a gift to your future.

Is there anymore we can give as a tip for single women? Hope to see your tips in the comment box.


22 thoughts on “10 Things I want to Tell Single Women

  1. Hello! I really love the post you and your wife has done specially since it addresses some issues single people experience.

    May I suggest (actually the term here is ask) if you two can do a post “talking” to single people about being single and how God wants us to experience and use our singleness properly?

    I don’t really know if you’ve addressed this topic already since I just stumbled into this blog through our singles @ work group page and haven’t really explored the blog properly. But I hope you can do a follow up to this post so that single people won’t have to stumble through our single life (as I did) before finally realizing and accepting God’s purpose in our single “period”.

    – I’m not saying I got it pegged down (singleness I mean) but I had to go through a lot of heart aches (both inflicted and received) before it dawned on me what God wants me to focus on first. So maybe you guys can do something like that for single men and women? 😀

    That’d be of much help 😀

    1. I can relate on what you said when you experienced heartaches as a single person. I believe God has a purpose on every hurts that we experienced. Me and my wife will continue to blog more about our learnings as a single people before we got married. Thanks again for reading our blogs!

  2. Be secure in God. Also I think it’s alright for women to have a level of emotionality (guess that’s the way they really are), but they should be emotionally mature 😀 Are they growing bitterness or compassion? Anger or love? Women must grow the right things in their heart 😀

      1. Thank you for the message Kuya! This will really make a difference. 🙂 Super nakakabless po ang blogs niyo ni Ate Char! 🙂 God bless po 🙂

  3. ang galing po neto..nakarelate ako pastor hehe..:D
    mron po ako bglang naform…hmm..dont know if its appropriate sa lahat.
    1.real men are willing to wait
    2.giving respect is more important than making or giving attention
    3. real men protects women’s security in God. It doesn’t make less of a man if he has not uet pursued any or entered into relationships
    4. Men are ought to be God’s representative of His protection
    5. Be gentle. Do not degrade women regarding their emotions
    6. Too much sweetness will not make men more attracting. Just simply showing real care is much more appreciated.
    7. Limit and be careful in making “Banats” 😀
    8. Don’t sue a woman if u have no plans of marrying her.
    9. Avoid making wrong moves or being touchy
    10. What we make out of our single life will be a gift to a man’s future wife…
    thoughts lang po mga ito..thanku po:))

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