Vision affects your Action

I was listening to Pastor Ferdie Cabiling in our equipping meeting about getting yourselves ready to take over the Imagecampus. My heart got fired up when I heard him say “I had a dream”. I believe that we should have a clear picture (a vision) of what we want our campus to look like as we spread the Gospel.

What will happen if they hear what Jesus did for every student to have purpose, meaning and destiny? How will this generation respond if they found out that Jesus gave everything for them to win this game called life?

That is vision and vision causes someone to action. Vision causes a heart to beat faster and make someone think about how can he do something about it. It will cause you to ask yourself:

  1. What can I do to make that vision come to pass in my campus?
  2. What would be the things that I DON’T NEED to do to make this vision happen?
  3. Who can I ask to help me fulfill this vision?

These questions help a person think, plan and do something about the vision that he has.

Do you have a vision for your campus? What is it? What are you going to do about it?


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