Human beings or Human doings?

I am always prone to make a to do list and be focused in doing things rigorously. One of my weaknesses is I work alone and I am more comfortable doing tasks by myself. But I realized one thing as I am growing as a leader. Life is not just about work. The abundance of life as a leader doesn’t come from the tasks that we accomplish, it comes from the relationships that we build.

I was reminded…I am a human BEING not a human DOING. So I decided to change my to-do list to “to be” list (I still have a to do list but I often look at my to be list). Here’s a sample of my “to be” list.

  •  To be a lover of God and people.
  •  To be a loving husband to Char.
  •  To be a good communicator of God’s word.
  •  To be an encourager to people.
  •  To be healthy and physically fit.

And then I ask myself, “what would it take for me to become these?”

What is your “to be” list? You can share a bit of your list at the comment box.


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