Empty Your Cup Principle.

Having some wacky Photobooth time with Andrew and Tim.

Last night, I had a privilege of having two of my staff stay overnight in our place while my wife is in the U.S. These guys are really excellent and professional in their craft and my agenda that time is to impart the things that I know.

Some of the things that I said to them are not that new, some maybe “repeated stuff” in their brain. Nevertheless I shared the things that I know about ministry and life. I believe that’s coaching in its very core, you don’t need to be an expert. You have to be willing to empty your cup, or pour whatever you have to the people you are investing in.

Three mentalities that we need to have as we empty our cup:

1. Don’t be insecure. Settle in your heart that the next people in line “should” be better than you.

2. Don’t feel inadequate. Your not responsible to know everything to pass everything. Your responsibility is to pass something.

3. Don’t be threatened. The person you are coaching will be better than you and hopefully replace you in what you are doing. Don’t be threatened by the thought that the guy/girl your coaching will overshadow you. You are a success if you have a successor!

Empty your cup and let God fill you up…Again.


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