What must we do for the Next Generation to succeed?

The next generation will always be better than the previous one. This is one of the things that I really adhere in my life. But this thought can be negative or positive depending on how we prepare them now.

These are just my thoughts in helping the next generation succeed:

1. Inspire them – Give them something to dream about. Give them something they would “crave” to live for. Let them see that there is a clear and better future ahead of them.

2. Instruct them – This is not about control. It’s about giving them guidelines for them not to fall. I believe the Bible is the best instructional manual for the next generation to live by.

Arvin from UP Manila talks about how Jesus secured his life and now lives passionately for God.

3. Exemplify life – Be an example of what it means to live life for Jesus and for this world. Jesus made an impact to the world in three years, I believe we can make an impact to the young people by living our lives in Jesus. Helping them see and believe the faith that we have.

Tim from DLSU talks about how Jesus gave him a clear purpose in his life.

I’m inspired to see these two young men speak about how God changed their lives and destinies.


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