I learn from them.

I meet with great young leaders of LIFEBox in Malate every Tuesdays, 9AM. Last week we had a great time sharing. Let me just share some nuggets of our meeting.

1. Putting it into Practice (The longest distance is the distance between the Mind and the Heart). What we know about God usually does not translate in our daily lives (ouch). Let’s continue practice what we preach.

2. From the preaching two Sundays ago: Abraham knew God after the test. It’s great to experience that in every test of our lives, God is more revealed to us.

3. Pray first. What is declared in the closed room will happen in the open. PRAY.

4. Appreciate life! Life is not just about work. Enjoy with God, and with his people.


One thought on “I learn from them.

  1. Indeed, the closed door prayer items become testaments of God’s work in the open. Dabest! Here’s saying Imma follow your blog brader

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